FEMALE Tries: Using A Sheet Mask Every Day For A Week

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Considering how much I love skincare, it took me a long time to come around to sheet masks.

I know they’re often a staple of an Asian beauty regime, but I just couldn’t quite get them. I couldn’t figure out where in my routine to place them (after your toner but before your moisturiser, it turns out), whatever hydrating or brightening effects they had seemed to be temporary at best, and every time I wore one, its essence would seep into my hair and make it greasy and heavy. They were also quite pricey for a single-use item, and they created a lot of waste. To me, sheet masks just seemed like more trouble than they were worth.

And then one day, probably out of boredom and guilt at my stash of sheet masks, I decided to give them another shot. 

Something clicked – perhaps its soothing hydration or the moist plumpness of my skin, or perhaps I had finally found the perfect cat-ear headband to keep my hair out of the way – because suddenly, I wanted more.

So last Friday, I did what any rational, reasonable person would do: devise an experiment to wear a different sheet mask every day for seven days straight.

So here’s my 7-day sheet mask diary, complete with my thoughts on each of the masks I tried. Where possible, I’ve averaged out their cost per mask and provided a link to purchase them. At the end, I’ll tell you whether masking every day should be a thing.

For the record, I have fairly dry to normal skin. Oiliness or breakouts aren’t a concern for me. My main skincare goals are to keep my skin hydrated, maintain a smooth even glow, and to fadeany pigmentation marks from old blemishes. Alright, let’s get to it!


DAY 1, FRIDAY: Klairs Real Moist Soothing Sheet Mask, RM11.90 each

To kick off my 7 Days Of Masks, I picked this one by Klairs, which claims to contain a whopping half-bottle of their moisturising essence! 

Unfortunately, this mask had the worst fit. It’s not fair to fault a mask for its fit, as everyone has such differently-shaped and sized heads, but this one seemed unnecessarily huge. Flaps of mask by the side of my face made me feel like an elephant, and the eyeholes gaped so the skin around my eyes – arguably the parts that needed hydration the most – didn’t get any mask goodness at all. The 100% cotton mask was also oddly thick and unmalleable. And because it was so large, it felt heavy on my face.

What is this.

Fit aside though, this mask sure did what it promised. After taking it off, my skin was super comfortable, hydrated and glowy – precisely what you want out of a sheet mask.

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