FEMALE Tries: The RM12 Lip Gloss The Internet Loves

It all started with a Reddit thread tantalisingly titled: “RAVE: The best (and cheapest) lipgloss in the entire world.

And how do you not click on a title as promising as that? In it, user Min_yoongi_genius (who I am convinced really is a genius) details the virtues of drugstore beauty brand Essence’s Shine Shine Shine Lip Gloss – something I’m happy to report can be found in Malaysia as well!

“I don’t know why every single person on earth doesn’t own the essence shine shine shine wet look lip gloss, in the shade 01 behind the scenes. It is completely clear,” she writes. “It is so bouncy and thick but so shiny and it smells and tastes amazing! It lasts through a meal for me. It also doesn’t fade or slide around when used on my eyelids. For 3 freaking dollars.”

Now I’m always on the look out for a good gloss, and I’ve had great experience with other Essence products before. So I kept on reading.

“When I need NATURAL NATURAL looking lips I apply a tiny bit and rub it in with my finger and it literally fills in my lip lines.” she continues in another comment. “I don’t know why but I best describe it as a cushion gloss, it’s just a little lip pillow lol.”

At this point I was completely sold. A little lip pillow! I was, admittedly, a little bit skeptical. Her account had been created – and she admits to that – just to start that thread, in which she had nothing but amazing things to say about the gloss. Could Min_yoongi_genius really just be a very clever Essence employee?

Well, even if she was, it wouldn’t matter because the gloss really is pretty amazing! I went out and bought it (at RM12.20 from PLAY UP Advanced, though it’s available at Watsons as well).

For RM12, you get a 5ml tube of clear lip gloss that sits comfortably on top of lips, wrapping it in a very comfortable balm with a vinyl-like shine. No emphasising of lip wrinkles or lines here, like some glosses are prone to doing. It really does seem to fill in lip lines, almost like a plumping primer for your lips.

The gloss on me, with a bonus fresh zit.

However, the gloss definitely doesn’t last through a meal for me, and while it doesn’t disappear after a drink, it does transfer. And when the glassy sheen eventually wears off, my lips still stayed smooth and plump.

After some wear!

My only gripe is that I wish the tube was smaller and cuter, though other reviewers do love it for its larger doefoot applicator. And for the price, I can’t complain!


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