FEMALE Tries: Exercising the Face with the FOREO LUNA 3 | Giveaway!

Give your face a workout with this FOREO beauty device! And be sure to scroll down to find out how you can win one for yourself!

Photography: FOREO Malaysia

In a research done by Swedish beauty tech brand FOREO and UK Dermatologist Dr Anita Sturnham, it was found that exercising the right way can improve skin’s health as well as the body. One of the things that was discovered through the research was that working out can affect many aspects of skin’s health, from cellular ageing and acne through to boosting radiance. In addition, it was found that certain exercise programs promoted different results so it is possible to control which area of skin health to focus on.

Photography: FOREO Malaysia

Say hello to LUNA 3

Enter the Foreo LUNA 3 device. What is it you ask? Well, if you’ve not been on social media for the past two months, allow me to explain. To put it in simple terms, it’s a skin-cleansing brush. But it’s also so much more than that! LUNA 3 is the latest release of  FOREO’s impressive line-up of skincare devices. It delivers high-tech sonic power with 8,000 pulsations per minute. It’s made of soft silicone with 30 per cent longer touch points that are 25 per cent softer than its previous model, giving you a much deeper and gentler cleansing action compared to any other cleansing brush out there.

Pair it up with your smartphone via Bluetooth using the FOREO For You app to register your device and you get to choose from 16 power levels amongst other things. Other bonuses you’ll love: you get 650 uses on a single charge (I haven’t had to charge mine yet after a month’s use – score!), it’s 100 per cent waterproof (so easy to clean), hygienic and a single session only takes you 60 seconds!

Apart from being able to cleanse your face, the back of the beauty device serves as a facial massager. When paired up with the app, there are four programmes to choose from, ranging from two to four minutes each to work on your jawline, tighten and firm your neck, massage your eyes and brows and sculpt your cheek and jaw bones. Now I find this to be incredibly handy as apart from cleaning my face and giving it the occasional massage while putting skincare on, I’ve never really given a thought about facial workouts. But with these programmes, there are tutorials that you can follow on your phone screen that will help you target every part of your face or whatever concerns you might have.

Before starting the massage though, you’ll have to apply a serum in order to lubricate the face against the vibrations of the device and for the session to be truly effective. While any serum would work, FOREO recommends its Serum, Serum, Serum that’s made of squalane-infused micro capsules that bursts into your skin once it’s massaged in.

Photography: Foreo.com

Final thoughts

I have used the LUNA 3 for a month now and I can truly say that it has transformed my skincare routine. Aside from being extremely convenient, my skin’s texture has changed for the better. The pesky oil-blocked bumps on my nose are no longer there and my skin is plumper because it absorbs skincare better. I love the vibrating cleansing sensation on my face and even sometimes feel that 60 seconds is not enough, although don’t be tempted to use it for too long in one session as you might sensitise the skin. All in all, a worthy investment if you’re really serious about giving new life to your skincare regimen.

Win a Foreo LUNA 3!

The FOREO LUNA 3 is available at all Sephora stores and online at Sephora.my, Zalora, Hermo, and LAZADA for RM920 and the Serum, Serum, Serum for RM289.