FEMALE Tries: 4 New Lip Colour Releases

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We put these four brand new lipsticks to the test to find out how well they perform.

Have you ever wondered why women have a huge collection of lipsticks in their beauty arsenal? Unlike other cosmetics which correct skin tones and camouflage imperfections, lipsticks are all about assertion. Psychologically speaking, wearing lipsticks makes us feel more confident and powerful. It makes us feel empowered and helps unleashes our femininity. Regardless of what colour you go for, wearing lipstick is like a no-brainer to exude positive energy. That’s why having 10 lipsticks is never enough!

However, when it comes to lipsticks, we want it all: colour, shine, staying power and affordable price. This time, I decided to put four new lipsticks to the test. Along with my colleague and graphic designer SJ Lim, we wore each lipstick for the whole day to see how they performed. 

1. Fenty Beauty 

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, RM93

This glossy lipstick was the brainchild of Rihanna after she was inspired to create the perfect gloss for girls to get kissed more. The formula delivers explosive shine to the lips and makes it look instantly fuller. The shade Glass Slipper, Sweet Mouth and Hot Chocolate are new additions to the existing range. 

The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in shade Sweet Mouth 

“I had my hands on the newly launched Sweet Mouth shade and I have to admit I’m not a fan of this product. The gloss looks really oily on my lips and feels dense too. However, I really love the instant plumping effect that gives me such a nice pout. ” – Elaine, Digital Writer

“Perhaps I’m not used to wearing lip gloss but I really dislike the oiliness of the product. The colour barely shows on my lips as well even though I got the darkest shade – Hot Chocolate. – SJ Lim, Graphic Designer

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