FEMALE Tries: 3 Ways To Train Our Scalp To Become Less Greasy

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Having greasy hair is no different from having skin issues – it takes a lot of effort, and trial and error to rectify the problem. While I rarely ever felt concerned about my hair condition when I was younger, I can’t deny that having oily scalp bothers me once in a while.

For many years, I stuck to the habit of washing my hair every day to keep it fresh and voluminous, especially with the hot and humid weather of Malaysia that only contributes to a greasier scalp. However, the result would always be flat roots and greasy strands that made me looked like I was drenched in pouring rain. Soon, I learnt the reason why: Just like our skin, the scalp overloads on oil production once you strip away its natural oils from washing, making the condition worse.

Photo: Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash

After years of tolerating my oily scalp and spending heaps of money on hair treatments, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. And so I searched the internet for solutions and discovered that there are, in fact, ways to train my scalp to produce less oil. I compiled a list of changes I needed to make and put my scalp on a two-month experiment, and the end result was pretty convincing.

Here’s the ‘scalp training’ I went through for the past two months that you can experiment as well on your own tresses.

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