FEMALE Talks To: Nita Azman of NITA Cosmetics

Have… you met Nita?

If you haven’t known her already, 29-year-old Aznita Azman might appear shy at first but her bubbly energy is contagious! The beauty buff is all about how beauty can instantly make anyone feel good. Her namesake makeup brand, which she started from the ground up with her siblings, is an extension of her personality twinned with her love for traditional culture.

FEMALE: What led to the birth of your brand?

Nita: “While searching for my calling, I asked myself this: ‘Where do I spend most of my time when I go out?’ I was always in drugstores and Sephora trying products that it got me into wanting to build my own brand that mixes storytelling with my love for local traditions. I wanted each release to be affordable yet with a quality that’s comparable to international brands, if not better! Launching only products I’d wear myself has been my philosophy.”

F: What’s your favourite thing about beauty in general?

N: “How it can transform someone’s confidence from 0-100 in just a few minutes! It sounds crazy how a lipstick or eyeliner can ever change a person but it goes back on how it makes you feel. When you feel good, you attract positive things into your life. It’s all energy.”

F: When did you first discover your love for cosmetics?

N: “I was basically anti-makeup and did not understand the point of it until I was 18. After first trying out my mum’s eyeliner, I loved the way it made me feel and look. Apply it on my inner corners and I’m a rock chick!”

F: Who do you look up to for beauty tips?

N: “My mom. She’s always saying these and I quote, “Whatever you eat will show on your face” and “You are what you eat”. She’s 66 but looks 40-plus! It’s understandable why she looks so young; she takes care of her food intake and exercises consistently – your food and face are interrelated. I really admire her for that because I just don’t have that discipline. I’ll start… maybe next year.”

F: Sharing your Bell’s palsy experience on Instagram is bold. What’s the biggest takeaway you’ve gained from it?

N: “Smiling is a given until it’s taken away from you! This movie-like life bit teaches me that regardless of my looks, people would still love me. Daily acupuncture and massages for three months sped me through recovery, although I still have remnants of it called synkinesis, which makes my right eye smaller than the other.”

F: What do you have a lot of on your vanity table right now?

N: “Loose powder and compact foundations – I love experimenting with what works for my oily skin.”

F: Walk us through your skincare routine.

N: “I wipe my makeup off with Nita Cleanser Wipes and then use Bifesta Cleansing Lotion. To scrub or double cleanse, I use a face towel with Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser. Pixi’s Glow Tonic makes my complexion glow; I actually used it for months without noticing any difference, until I stopped using it and my skin looked dull! I’ve been using Drunk Elephant’s Virgin Marula Oil and Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil on alternate nights for more than a year now – they’re so good.”

F: How does your lipstick stash look like?

N: “Nude lipsticks rule my drawer! Occasionally, I’ll feel like going back to red but cos I don’t like too-bold shades, we came up with toned-down reds like Nita Cosmetics’ Liquid Lipsticks in Ais Kepal and Sirap. I’d wear these colours every single day.”

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Your wish is our command ? When we first decided to come up with the Warung Lipsticks (liquid) — we knew we had to have these beautiful colours in bullet form too. We thought that it’ll be fun to let you guys try them out first hence the little surprise, we introduced them as MINIs! The response was very overwhelming and we’re ecstatic to know that everyone has come to love them as much as we do — and even have their personal favourite! Now the wait is finally over! Reintroducing our Warung BULLET Matte Lipsticks, supersized ? If you’re not a fan of liquid lipsticks, this one is for YOU. This creamy, moisturizing texture sits comfortably on your lips. Available in all 15 shades for your everyday wear, exclusively at Sogo Kuala Lumpur (Ground Floor) at RM46 each! #nitacosmetics

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F: What’s the wildest lipstick shade you’ve tried on?

N: “I’m not experimental; call me conservative when it comes to makeup hence the nude lipsticks! When we had our NITA Tropical collection, we launched a shade called ‘Tioman’ and it was a hot pink colour; it was a risk that we took. But I do love Stila’s Liquid Lipstick in Fiery!”

F: How would you complete your going-out look in just three items?

N: “Marc Jacobs retractable pencil eyeliner in black, which is the best for never smudging. I use both pencil and liquid eyeliner at the same time for more precision, so also the NITA Mata Kucing eyeliner and of course, in my bag now is NITA Teh Ais Liquid Lipstick!”

F: Where do you go to unwind?

N: “I’m going into cycling now; also, I love driving. Or I’ll just be in my room to recuperate. As much as I can be very loud, I need to recharge my energy to be my best self at the end of the day. I love being around my pets because they are so therapeutic.”

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