FEMALE Talks To: Bybi Beauty On Clean Beauty And The Beauty Industry

In just two years, British brand BYBI beauty has managed to achieve cult status with its unique boosters being touted as game-changers.

Championing the clean beauty movement today are beauty bloggers-turned entrepreneurs, Dominika Minarovic and Elsie Rutterford. Following a career in advertising, the blonde beauties established Clean Beauty Insiders in 2015, a natural beauty blog focusing on DIY skincare using natural ingredients, which evolved into BYBI (an acronym for By Beauty Insiders) Beauty two years later as a skincare brand that offers 100-per-cent natural, vegan and cruelty-free formulas in cute and charming packaging.

Photo: Bybi Beauty

During the brand’s recent launch in Sephora Malaysia, the duo shared their brand philosophy, challenges and hopes for the future.

FEMALE: Tell us about the concept of BYBI Beauty.

Elsie: “We’re a British skincare brand that centres on accessible clean beauty. We started out as skincare influencers in the UK and have a skincare blog called Clean Beauty Insiders that’s all about making your own skincare. We also have a book, Clean Beauty Recipes To Manage Your Beauty Routine, Naturally published by Penguin Random House UK and it focuses on natural ingredients and their benefits for skin health. We’ve transitioned from making recipes in our kitchen to making much more complex formulations. Our aim is to bring a 100-per-cent natural brand to the market that’s fun, vibrant and super affordable.”

F: How was your experience working in advertising relevant to your brand now?

Dominika: “It gave us a great understanding of content and how important it is in conveying the authenticity and message of a brand. Our years in advertising have also helped us understand digital marketing and how people consume media on digital platforms. We also gained by having a better understanding of who our audience is and what they’re doing online.”

F: What’s the most challenging part of producing your own clean skincare?

E: “Being an entrepreneur is very challenging. We have strict guidelines with our formulations because we are 100 per cent natural, which means no synthetics across the entire range. So that means we have to ensure that everything we do with our formulation is exciting and innovative while being all-natural. We’re all about exciting, innovative skincare and not basic, natural skincare.”


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F: Your path to success has been relatively quick. Can you share with us your stories on making this happen and how you prove yourselves worthy to the big-time players who’ve been doing this for a long time?

D: “Our background as Clean Beauty Insiders gave us an extra edge over some of the bigger players in the industry. We have an authentic story that people can connect with, and us as founders at the forefront of the brand is something that a lot of the big brands don’t have; which is a personality or personalities whom their audience can relate to. We’re also much more nimble in terms of how quickly the company can move. We launch products really quickly; our lead time can be anything from six weeks to a couple of months, which is incredibly fast in this industry because we’re able to move much faster than some of the brands that have huge teams and elaborate processes to navigate.

Additionally, if you’re transitioning from a blog to a business, you’ve got some sort of a community who you can lean on and help guide you through the product development process. For us, it was quick because we used our community to test and learn; they were the ones who helped us understand that there was a market for natural beauty products, and when we were thinking about what we were launching first, we relied on that community to assist us in terms of ideas and feedback. This allowed us to market a product that had been tried and tested.”

F: How do you see the clean beauty industry expanding in time to come?

E: “I always say that it’s not a moment but a movement. It’s a long-time shift in consumer personality. Many consumers are starting to understand beauty labels, which is why independent brands like ours are successful because transparency is at the forefront of what we do.”

From the print edition. Original text by Sarah Hani Jamil.