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I’m the kind of girl who insists on doing my makeup every single morning. Of course, I believe in embracing my natural looks and skin from time to time, but I enjoy prepping and priming my skin every day; besides, I like making use of my slightly extensive makeup collection! Unfortunately, I’m also the kind of girl who often spends way too much time doing things, and my makeup routine is no exception (I apologise for every single time I’ve been late because I’ve been shovelling every available product onto my face).

This is how I feel when I do my makeup every day. via GIPHY

However, I’ve recently come to the realisation that makeup products are actually super versatile, and that there’s no need to hoard so many different items when oftentimes one product will do the trick in several different ways! Using one product in different ways also actually cuts the process time in half, probably because you aren’t sitting there digging through your entire stash trying to find products that match. I’ve used bronzer as both a sculpting tool and eyeshadow before, but this time I thought I’d try to find an even more versatile product in my already-existing collection.

Just look at all those blushes! 

I decided to make use of my brand new Limited Edition Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick For Lips (yup, that’s a long name!) for this makeup hack. Mine is in the shade Melon, which is a light, cutesy pink that’s easy to blend. You don’t have to use a lip product; you can use a cream blush, or even an eyeshadow stick- just pick something that’s flattering for you, moisturising and can be blended well!

Step 1: Start off with a clean, moisturised face. You can apply light foundation, BB cream and concealer beforehand if you wish!

Step 2: Slick the product over your lips. If you are particularly concerned with hygiene, it might be better to use a lip brush instead of applying directly to your lips.

Step 3: Dab some of the product onto the apples of your cheeks for a light youthful glow. Again, if cleanliness is a concern, you can apply the product to the back of your clean hand first, then use your fingers to blend into your cheeks.

Step 4: Lastly, apply the product to the middle of your eyelids, just above the lashline, then use your ring finger to gently blend the colour towards the outer corner.

Step 5: Apply any (optional) finishing touches, such as hydrating facial mist, primer or mascara! All in all, that took less than five minutes!

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