Female Beauty Faves: Volumize Your Hair With A Home Blowout

Do you ever feel extra confident whenever you leave your favourite salon with healthy-looking, voluminous hair? You know what they say about how a good hair day is a guaranteed confidence boost! And the best part is, it doesn’t take a huge change to reap the benefits of good hair. In fact, a simple hair blowout is all it takes.

Try as you might, attempting to blow some volume out of your hair just like how your hairstylist does seem like an impossible challenge. Apart from struggling to stretch your arm to style the back of your head, you’ll have to deal with a dryer that quickly starts to feel like a 5kg kettlebell halfway through the process.

Thankfully, Raz Pele has an easy and foolproof way to help you achieve gorgeous and voluminous hair that looks exactly like a professional salon blowout.

To start off, take a section from the front part of your hair and blow it outwards and upwards with a large round brush. Once you’re done, curl the hair into a cylinder and secure it with pins.

Divide your hair into two parts by tying a half ponytail and split the bottom part down the middle into two parts. Next, take a section of your hair and use a hair straightener to straighten the top part of your hair while curling the hair inwards at the bottom. Then, twirl the hair outwards as the heat is setting in to keep its shape.

Repeat the same procedure until every section is complete.

Once you’re done, unpin the front hair and comb it with your fingers to blend it out. For a more voluminous look, flip your whole head of hair to the front and lightly scrunch it with your hands, and style the front hair into an extreme side parting instead of according to your usual parting.

To finish off, apply some styling cream at the ends of your hair for added texture and to make them last longer.

Watch how Raz transforms her hairstyle in the video below.

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