FEMALE Beauty Faves: The Official Victoria’s Secret Model Look

While you can argue that what takes centre stage at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows are the elaborate, I-can’t-believe-it’s-lingerie costumes donned by those otherworldly VS Angels, beauty buffs like me fixate on one thing: the makeup!

Which is why I jumped at this video, which shows you how to recreate the official Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018 makeup, from the creator of the look herself, celebrity makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury. She describes it as a fresh, natural, yet glamorous look, and I couldn’t be more smitten.

What amazes me is how simple this look is, yet there’s an undeniable sultry glamour that comes from the shimmering eyes, radiant skin, and pillowy lips. Here’s how Charlotte did it!

The Skin

First, start with the complexion. A good moisturiser and eye cream create a beautiful canvas, especially if it has a illuminating finish. Next move on to foundation and concealer. Charlotte’s own offerings have a healthy amount of  coverage while still maintaining a dewy natural glow.

The Eyes

The somewhat unpolished, brushed-up brows create a natural air that keeps the look from appearing overly polished. To get the look, Charlotte brushes up the brows to reveal their natural shape and fills in the gaps with a pencil before finally setting them in place with a brow gel.

Lash curlers and mascara on the top and lower lashes are a must, of course! For eyeshadows, stick to sparkly ones in natural shades– like  a dreamy filter for your eyes, Charlotte says!

The Lips

For sultry supermodel lips, overdraw your lips with a lipliner close to your natural shade, and then fill it in with a matte liquid lipstick. A touch of colourless gloss creates an irresistable juicy sheen.

And of course, don’t forget to contour and highlight to carve out that supermodel bone structure!

While Charlotte uses a mix of her own products (which aren’t available in Malaysia yet), and Victoria’s Secret makeup, it shouldn’t be too hard to recreate the look with your own favourite products. Now go forth and be angelic!