FEMALE Beauty Faves: The New Instagram Model Makeup

It’s easy to write off Instagram makeup as being over-the-top and excess for the sake of excess– think of baking, razor-sharp contouring, cut creases, and intense, strobe-y highlight. But look a little deeper and you’ll find that there’s a new Instagram makeup vibe that’s developing.

The look – which makeup artist Mariah Leonard describes as being her go-to look when she want to look put together, but with very little effort – is a very glossy one, yet blended seamlessly into everything else.

Instead of picture-perfect stage makeup, the new Instagram look is all about gloss and soft structure. Everything is intentional and placed specifically, but gives off an effortless, natural vibe. Here’s how to get the look!

1. Targeted shine

While there’s a time and place for an all-over glow, this isn’t it. Keep the rest of your face clear and matte by skipping the illuminating primer. Mariah opts for a stick foundation for this look, which offers natural, easily buildable coverage in a way liquid foundation doesn’t. Conceal in the same way – in light layers.

2. Textured brows and lashes

Just like we saw in last month’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show makeup, an imperfect textured brow helps off-set the smooth glossiness of the rest of the look. That’s right, none of that carved to perfection brows! Back brush your brows and comb them up as they would naturally grow to build volume. For lashes, use mascara to pull them outwards to the outer corner, which elongates the eye and draws attention to your lashes. These two steps make your eyes really pop– a crucial part of the Instagram look.

3. Diffused contour

Unlike the more stage-y, classic Instagram makeup, nothing about your face should look overly structured. Which means no harsh lines, and everything from your contour to your blush should stay seamlessly melted together. A stippling brush is the way to go, because the bristles help to diffuse and get rid of any harsh lines.

4. High-shine highlight

This is the first time I’ve seen highlighter applied like this:  in a circular motions, concentrating it on the top of your upper cheek bones closest to your eyes before blending it outwards carefully. Do the same under your brows. If you need to fade out the highlight even more, go over the edges lightly with bronzer. For lips, keep with the same seamless melted look, and opt for a glossy finish to match your shining skin.

And there you have it!