FEMALE Beauty Faves: Hair Styling Made Easy With DAFNI Allure Cordless Hair Straightening Brush

From planning our hair wash schedules to putting aside some time in the morning to style our hair, a haircare routine is a pretty big commitment if you have or want to look styled and polished. Think washing, conditioning, drying and straightening your hair – the entire process can take almost an hour or two depending on your hair type!

While it has become a routine for me to style my hair every morning before work, it can be a hassle when I’m on holiday since I have to allocate space for my styling tools in my luggage. Not to mention waking up earlier than I normally would just to do my hair before heading outdoors. This is why when DAFNI hair straightening ceramic brushes were introduced in Malaysia, I had to try it out.

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Designed with patented 3D Ceramic Technology, all five models of the DAFNI brushes are invented for fast-paced urban lifestyles. The DAFNI classic™, DAFNI black™, DAFNI allure™, DAFNI go™ and DAFNI rose go™ are all equipped with a unique heating element that provides uniform heat distribution at a consistent temperature of 185°C. This is a lower temperature compared to a typical flat iron, but it’s the optimal temperature for styling to avoid heat damage.

Not only does this revolutionary brush promises less damage to the hair structure, but its curved surface perfectly complements the curvature of the scalp to achieve maximum efficiency from root to ends.

DAFNI brushes are also made with durability in mind and come equipped with high-end heat resistant insulation that’s also used by the U.S. Army and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Whether you have curly, straight or frizzy hair, the brushes are equipped with anti-static outer bristle to reduce hair fly-aways, making it suitable for users in countries like Malaysia that have high humidity levels.


As an avid traveller, the DAFNI allure™ is a great pick thanks to its cordless feature and compact-size. While it’s slightly heavier than I expected, it’s so easy and convenient to use. With just a single comb, I was pleasantly surprised to see how straight and sleek my hair became. As I have shoulder-length hair, it only took me 10 minutes to finish styling – less than half the time I usually spend using a flat iron. Best of all, I can easily comb my hair from under to create some volume near my roots. Bye-bye flat hair!

Although a single full charge is said to be able to style your whole head three times, I noticed that the battery life only lasted two sessions for me. Perhaps it’s because I spend a longer time than required to brush my hair, but it’s a plus point that the device can be charged with a power bank!

Did you know? The DAFNI cordless brush uses the same strong long-lasting lithium-Ion batteries used by Tesla to power their electric cars!

Watch how easy it is to use the device in the video below:


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DAFNI brushes are available at all A Cut Above and Harvey Norman outlets in Malaysia. For more information, visit www.visionary.com.my.

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