Female Beauty Faves: One-Step To Get Eyebrow Goals In Between Waxes

Is there anything more annoying than having to deal with eyebrow hairs that are too short to be waxed or tweezed? What do we do deal with them before our next brow appointment?

The reason why we can’t just pluck ‘em away is that you might end up tearing off your skin or clip them with the tweezers which can cause bleeding and scarring. Besides that it can cause the hairs to grow in an irregular growth cycle that result in patchy eyebrows.

Well, there is one simple trick that we can do to mask those “stumbles”. Conceal them, just like how YouTuber, Asia Jackson does it! She reveals how to slay eyebrows in between waxed. Not only does it cover up the hairs but it will also give you a very clean and perfectly drawn brows. The concealer in a way will act as a highlight to lift the brows higher.

Read below for the full steps:

Shape and Fill the brows!
Step 1: Brush the eyebrows to your desired shape.
Step 2: Start at the top of your arch and outline them using gentle strokes.
Step 3: Then, do the same with the front part of the brows.
Step 4: Fill the brows in as you would.

Conceal away!
Step 1: Lightly dot the concealer on the areas you want to cover the unwanted hairs underneath and on top of the eyebrows.
Step 2: With a flat concealer brush, blend seamlessly.

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