FEMALE Beauty Faves: Makeup That Looks Amazing In Person

We know that the kind of makeup you need for photos and real life are a little different. As the camera sees things differently than the human eye, makeup for photos tends to require a heavier hand. The usually harsh camera lighting also smooths away little details like cakey spots or any texture that you may not get away with in real life.

So on the days when you’re not being photographed, how do you make sure your makeup looks good in person? Makeup artist Allie Glines has just the tricks and tips you need for perfect makeup that looks amazing up close and in person!

1. Natural, defined brows

Don’t worry about getting your brows picture-perfect and flawlessly symmetrical. With 2019’s trend of natural brows making a strong comeback this year, getting your brows ready for a day out is as simple as filling out any sparse areas. The key to a natural finish is to start filling them in from the inner corner of your nostril, which you can find by holding a pencil right up against the outer edge of your nose and pushing in.

2. The right foundation shade

A big but easy-to-make makeup mistake is wearing the wrong foundation shade. Whether it’s the wrong shade or undertone, a foundation mismatch can be even more unforgiving in real life. If possible, get a skin tone consultation at your favourite makeup store and always try to purchase foundation in person – making sure to match it to the skin on your neck. And when it comes to application, start with light layers and slowly building up where needed.

3. Smooth skin and seamless makeup

Remember that real lighting (especially sunlight) picks up on any texture on your face, so make sure your base is smooth and hydrated, which should prevent any flakey or cakey bits. And while you may find yourself needing to pile on the contour and highlighter for it to be visible on camera, the opposite is true for real life. You don’t want there to be any visible streaks of makeup on your face, which is why Allie opts for the much softer option of powder bronzer to create warmth and depth.  Also, never underestimate the ability of a good setting spray to tie everything together!

4. Emphasise your best feature

Allie brings up a good – and perhaps someone easily forgotten – makeup tip: the importance of self-confidence. You’ll look good when you feel good! So instead of covering up what you don’t like, try emphasising what you do like instead! For example, Allie chooses to draw attention to her eyes with matte eyeshadow and mascara, which immediately makes them stand out. Try it for yourself – you may be surprised at how much of a change that makes.

Using products that you know well and trust can also go a long way towards boosting your self-confidence and comfort. To see Allie’s tips in actions and hear more, watch the full video below!