FEMALE Beauty Faves: MAC Cosmetics’ Lipstick Tricks For National Lipstick Day

If there’s an unofficial holiday we’re totally in love with, it’s definitely National Lipstick Day.

Falling on July 29 this year (hey, it’s today!), it’s a special day when everyone is encouraged to wear their best colour – of course, unless you’re a makeup enthusiasts, which means every day is National Lipstick Day for you. But for the rest of us, National Lipstick Day isn’t just a day to to rock our favourite lip shades, it’s also the time when we can expect some goodies along the way.

Famous for their wide range of lipsticks, MAC Cosmeticsis once again blessing us with the best of their lip products by giving away a free full-size lipstick with any RM100 purchase from 27 to 29 July. Best of all, the offer extends to online purchases as well so customers don’t have to race to the stores!

Ahead from the celebration day, MAC TV host Ashley Rudder introduces beauty Youtubers Sylvia Gani and Ling to two new lipstick tips respectively during the brand’s Lip Workshop in Tokyo and we think they’re perfect for everyone to try them out!

1. The just-kissed blurred lip look

MAC’s Powder Kiss Lipstick is more than just a moisture matte, weightless lipstick – it delivers that romantic blur of effortless soft-focus look every woman dream of. But here’s the catch! If you’re a fan of lining your lips, it’s time to put away the lip pencil if you want to achieve this look. Instead, you want to glide the product over your lips like normal and use a blending brush to soften the edges.

2. Holographic lip trick

Ever wondered how to wear shiny, metallic lip colours? Many women find glossy, metallic lip gloss to be intimidating, especially since the products do resemble highlighters’ effect to a certain extent. However, MAC’s Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolour is one of Ling’s favourites because it goes on really well on top of a nude lipstick! All she does is apply the Lunar Module shade (pale blue iridescent pearl) on the centre of her lips and blend it out with her pinky finger. We definitely didn’t know that blue goes so well with nude!

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