FEMALE Beauty Faves: Long-Lasting Base Makeup, The Korean Beauty Way!

Social media phenomenon and makeup artist Pony is no stranger to us here at FEMALE! We’ve been fans of her beauty know-how and easy-to-follow tutorials for years now, and it’s always a treat to see what tips and tricks she comes up with next!

While Pony tends to demonstrate complete makeup looks, she doesn’t always dedicate an entire video to a certain problem– until today! In this case, it’s how to create a flawless long-lasting makeup base, the Korean beauty way!

1. Colour correct

We’ve all heard about colour correcting, but make sure you’re doing it right! For example, don’t blend all your colour correcting pigments together, but apply them in layers where you need them. Pony uses green to cover up any lingering redness or spots.

2. Conceal

Pinpoint application of a dense cream product willl last longer – and conceal spots better – than swathes of a liquid-type concealer. Do as Pony does and dab on your concealer with a brush.

3. Bake

The technique of using a large amount of loose powder to set your makeup – or baking – is something you might be averse to trying if you have dry skin, but don’t worry cos Pony has got you covered! Go ahead and bake your face as you normally would– the next step is where it makes all the difference for dry skin.

4. Setting spray

This step, Pony notes, is unnecessary if you have oily skin. But the key to making a baked face look and feel comfortable on dry skin is to use a setting spray that provides the right balance of oils and hydration. Pony uses the TooFaced Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray, making sure to spray it on liberally on her face. The result is a nice, long-lasting, well-adhering base without feeling dry!

Watch the technique in action below: