FEMALE Beauty Faves: Korean-Inspired Monolid Makeup

We’ve heard it a million times before: eyes come in all shapes and sizes, and monolids tend to need different makeup techniques than double-lidded eyes.

But really, there can never be too many tutorials to show you how to bring out the best of  your own features – without trying to change them. So if you’ve ever wanted to see the K-beauty makeup look on monolids, check out makeup artist Tina Yong’s take on it!

Here are three of her handy tips on how to create a stunning monolid look.

1. Always check your eyeshadow placement 

Monolid eyelids look very different open and closed, as a lot of the skin that’s visible when closed gets covered up when the eye is open – which is why you may find that your eye makeup just vanishes after painstakingly applying it!

To get around this, Tina suggests opening your eyes periodically during application to make sure the shadow is visible when your eyes are open.

2. Mark your eyeliner 

In the same way, you’ll probably find that you will need a lot more eyeliner than expected. Make it easier with this trick: keep your eyes open and lightly mark where you want your eyeliner to be. Then pull your lid closed and just fill in!

3. Combine eyeliner colours for depth

To create even more depth and dimension, Tina uses a combination of both brown and black to make a gradient that gets darker closer to her lashes. Use a gel eyeliner for the best blendability.

For the rest of the makeup look, as well as how to work with falsies, check out the full video below!