FEMALE Beauty Faves: Jo Malone London’s Poppy & Barley Makes A Permanent Return From The English Fields

Straight from the English fields.

Known for their distinctly evocative British scents, Jo Malone London has built up a impressive fragrance catalogue. But in addition to their permanent line, the fragrance house also regularly creates unique limited edition collections that – like a fleeting blossom, or like a spritz of perfume – brighten our lives for a while before fading into sweet memories.

One such collection that left a mark on our hearts was last year’s English Fields collection. But rejoice cos fresh from that collection, one scent, Poppy & Barley, has been plucked to join the permanent catalogue!

After all, is there a more British flower than the poppy? Easily spotted as swathes of vivid colour across England’s meadows, the iconic flower couldn’t be more at home immortalised by Jo Malone London.

The scent’s perfumer, Mathilde Bijaoui, captured a lively impression of a poppy’s scent, enhanced with notes of rose, violet, and juicy blackcurrants. In contrast to this, cottony, warm, nourishing notes of barley and bran cocoon the floral notes and bring to mind the image of poppies among the golden fields of harvest, while white musk adds an airy softness. Hints of violet and fig round out the olfactory portrait.

“Poppies seem so quintessentially British, and to me this fragrance represents a living landscape where poppies add dashes of colour to golden grains. It’s a colourful character – I can’t think of an English field without picturing the poppies bursting through in their unruly way.” –  Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance, Jo Malone London

As any Jo Malone fan would know, layering fragrances to create a tailored signature scent is key to the brand’s appeal so if you’re wondering how Poppy & Barley fares in a pair, here’s what they suggest:

Jo Malone London recommends:

For a vibrant floral combination: Poppy & Barley with Honeysuckle & Davana

For a colourful scent with a mineral freshness: Poppy & Barley with Wood Sage & Sea Salt

For an addictive combination with added opulence and warmth: Poppy & Barley with Myrrh & Tonka

Jo Malone Poppy & Barley (RM267 for 30ml, RM500 for 100ml) will be available at all Jo Malone boutiques and counters from September 2019