FEMALE Beauty Faves: How To Repurpose Your Korean Beauty Products

We’re big fans of multi-purpose beauty products and never letting anything go to waste, which is why we’ll snap up any tips on new ways to repurpose your beauty products!

Trust us when we say there can never be enough beauty repurposing tips. So when everyone’s fave beauty blogger Morgan from The Beauty Breakdown published her favourite ways to reuse her stash of beauty products, we hit play faster than you can say “repurpose!”

1. Loose powder as dry shampoo

Nothing ruins a good hair day like oily locks. If you need to freshen up without a shower, loose powder can take the place of dry shampoo in a pinch. Apply to your hairline and scalp with a sponge, then brush it out. After all, if it can absorb oil on your face, it can absorb the oil on your scalp.

P.S. Want a matte lip look but don’t have any matte lipsticks on hand?  This finely milled powder doesn’t cake on the lips, making it perfect for taking the shine off your lipstick.

2. Acids as a deodorant

Thanks to their low pH level, AHA or BHA will kill body odour-causing bacteria while evening out the skin tone and texture of your pits. Yes, just like your face! If you apply your acids with a cotton pad, just swipe the excess on your pits and you’re good to go.

3. Chemical exfoliants for a better shave

Remember how we talked about chemical exfoliants being an important part of a glowing skincare routine? Their same declogging effects of a good chemical also works to give you a closer shave and help to get rid of in-grown hairs. Use it on legs or pits before you shave to get rid of dead skin cells and other clogs that may get in your way as you shave.

4. Lipbalm as an all-purpose balm

The moisturising, emollient qualities of lip balm means it can work wonders on more than just your lips! Whether its a dry cuticle, dry flakey skin, or even a chapped irritated spot on your skin, lipbalm can provide some much-needed soothing. And don’t forget using it to slick down fly-aways, brows, or even for a hint of highlight on the cheeks!

For more tips and to see the ones above in action, watch the full video below!