FEMALE Beauty Faves: How To Cover Acne Scars Without Looking Cakey

When it comes to battling acne, seeing scars being left behind after a successful skincare treatment is just as frustrating as trying to banish those active breakouts. Acne scars are extremely stubborn and can take a long time to heal, but there’s no reason for you to lose your self-confidence over them.

It’s always good to learn to embrace your own skin no matter the condition but if you want to conceal those scars, a few swipes of makeup always do the trick. Make your skin look as natural and flawless as possible with Youtuber Kristina’s tips on how to cover acne scars without making your skin look cakey.

1. Colour correct redness with green concealer

Acne scars often have the appearance of redness that can be easily colour-corrected using a green concealer, which is why Kristina applies a tiny amount of liquid green concealer all over the scars to cover them up. She notes that if you skip this step and head straight to using skin-tone concealer and foundation, the scars will appear grey underneath the products. By using a small brush, she pats the concealer into the skin and restricts the product to just around the scars instead of blending it all over the face.

2. Cover up with skin-tone concealer

With a hydrating concealer that matches your skin tone, apply a sufficient amount on top of the green concealer to cover it up. Pat the product in with a brush until it blends well with your natural skin tone without any sight of the green concealer or grey spots.

3. Apply foundation

Once the concealing is done, you can go ahead and use any foundation of your choice to even out your skin colour. Kristina recommends using a matte foundation because dewy foundations can enhance uneven skin texture and make bumps and fine lines very obvious. Buff the foundation out with a kabuki brush and avoid any swirling motion to prevent the products from sliding.

4. Conceal and highlight under eyes

Kristina emphasizes to be careful not to touch the concealed areas when using a beauty blender to blend out the concealer under your eyes. This will pick off the foundation and reveal the green undertone. Finish off with bronzer and blush if you wish and set the products with a setting spray.

Check out how Kristina does this easy makeup trick in the video below.

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