FEMALE Beauty Faves: Haley Kim’s Sun-Kissed Makeup Look

New season, different makeup.

We may not be blessed with four seasons in our country but that doesn’t mean we can’t jump onto the bandwagon and switch up our looks according to the season’s trends.

Summer makeup is synonymous with sun-kissed, bronzed and fresh skin that glistens under the beaming rays of sunshine. However, the sweltering summer heat will most likely melt off your hard work the moment you step outdoors, so how do you get around that?

It’s for this reason that many people choose to tone down the number of makeup products layered on their skin to lessen the chances of their faces turning into a disaster later in the day. With that in mind, Haley Kim shows us how she achieves that sun-kissed summer look with minimal makeup that doesn’t involve foundation at all!

1. Conceal dark areas and imperfections

We’ve all heard about using concealer to cover dark eye circles, but did you know a peach coloured concealer works so much better at concealing the darkness compared to your usual skin coloured ones? Haley uses Skinfood’s Salmon Dark Circle Concealer under her eyes and around her lips to even out her skin tone. Next, she uses RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Concealer that matches her skin tone to focus on areas that need more coverage: under the eyes, the edge of the nose and around the lips.

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2. Bronze and glow

To achieve that glowy, bronze look, she mixes L’Oreal Glow Mon Amour Liquid Highlighter and Etude House Play 101 Stick with a brush and applies it on her forehead, high cheekbones and along the jawline and chin.

3. Blush it up

It’s very common to see makeup tutorials teaching us to apply blush on our cheeks but Haley prefers to apply it across the nose bridge as well for a more natural sun-kissed effect. She uses the highly pigmented 3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot blush and slowly blends in the colour with her finger.

4. Bronze the eyelids

Since summer makeup is all about that bronzed look, Haley uses a bronzer shade from the NARS Orgasm Infatuation Cheek Palette on her upper and lower eyelids. Then, she tightlines with Etude House Waterproof Gel Pencil Eyeliner before highlighting the inner corners of her eyes with the highlighter shade from the same NARS palette.

5. Dot on freckles

Freckles often form on sun-exposed skin and it has actually become a popular beauty look to look fresher and more natural – perfect for the summer makeup look!

Haley alternates between the Etude House Waterproof Gel Pencil Eyeliner and the KISS ME Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner when dotting on the ‘freckles’ to create different shades and sizes. Then she applies a thin layer of blush over them to make them look more natural.

Watch Haley does this full makeup look in the tutorial below.


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