FEMALE Beauty Faves: Go Beyond The Jar With CHANEL’s Latest Beauty Series

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the creation of a skincare product? From thorough research on the properties of a chosen ingredient to extracting the key molecules, the process of creating a skincare formula encompasses a lot of innovation, vision and expertise.

Photo: William Green/ CHANEL

Known for its exceptional ingredients in its skincare range, CHANEL is bringing us into the laboratory with their “Beyond the Jar” series to celebrate the expertise of CHANEL Research and the passion that drives the scientists who design the skincare products. As a skincare pioneer for nearly a century with natural ingredients being the heart of CHANEL skincare, the first chapter is dedicated to a plant the brand has been studying for a number of years: Vanilla Planifolia.


While there are approximately 120 species of wild Vanilla plants in the world, the Vanilla Planifolia was chosen by CHANEL researchers for its essence in 1995, subsequently commencing a journey towards unlocking the plant’s myriad of unique regenerative properties.

The star ingredient for the brand’s SUBLIMAGE skincare range is carefully cultivated and grown by passionate artisans in its natural environment for its skin regenerating properties. Due to its delicate nature, the artisanal cultivators tend to their crops by hand, manually pollinating each flower during the flower’s fleeting bloom.


The precious active regenerative molecules are found in the unripe green pods of the plant, while the flower is packed with antioxidant properties beneficial to the skin’s health and radiance. But that’s not all the plant offers! The seeds extracted also serve as an exfoliant while the leaves provide restorative benefits for the skin.

Thanks to customized technological processes, unique, pure and powerful active ingredients are created and can be found in CHANEL’s exceptional formulas. Dive into a deeper look of the plants’ journey from cultivation to extraction in the video below.

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