FEMALE Beauty Faves: After-Work Touch-Up!

Dread after-work meet-ups because it’s going to take you some time to cover up the long day you just had? This week, our editor, Yang Mei Ling shows you how you can do it within five to 10 minutes!

All you need are these items:

No fuss and they’re so easy to use!

“These are my go-to products especially when I know I have an event to attend in the evening. Not just for events, but on days when I have to catch up with my girlfriends after work. On days when I don’t blow-dry my hair in the morning, I’d bring my trusted Dyson Airwrap along.

“This look matches any outfit that I have in my wardrobe, so no biggie – as long as I look fresh and bright after 6pm, I’m good to go. Start by dabbing the ‘Young Love’ eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette on your lower rims. Then use ‘Caution’ as the base on your eyelids before blending in a bit more of the first shade to create a shimmering, brick-red look.

“I love Sephora’s Black Ink Fine Line Felt Liner because it’s light, precise and simply the perfect eyeliner to create the winged look. Work your way from the inner to outer corner of your eyes slowly. Finish your eye makeup by dabbing on the ‘Ambitious’ eyeshadow over your creases before moving to the next department. My all-time favourite lip palette is the Urban Decay Vice Metal Meets Matte Lipstick palette that has lasted me for nearly three years now. It comes with a lip brush and the colours pack a punch, so I never have to worry about looking dull, ever. To achieve this look, I opted for the ‘Manic Cream’ colour and filled my lips with it using a lip brush.

“Last but not least comes my hair. All I had to do was spritz some water onto my hair as the Dyson Airwrap works its magic best when the hair is a little damp. After splitting my hair into three parts on both sides, I let the 30mm barrels pick up each section for a good 8-10 seconds before moving on to the next one. In less than two minutes, I was done, and I used a light finishing spray to set the curls for the evening. Voila – I’m all set to go and have a good night out!”

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