Female Beauty Faves: A Shimmering Satisfaction With Marc Jacobs Beauty

If there’s one beauty look that has consistently been trending for years, it’s undoubtedly natural, no-makeup makeup look. Contrary to the end result that makes the skin looks bare with very minimal products, the process to get there involves quite some hard work and a handful of products as well.

While natural makeup look is still expected to dominate the beauty trend at the start of the new decade, it’s always fun to put a playful twist to it to experiment different outcomes. This is what Marc Jacobs Beauty has inspired us for the new year.

Combining both natural makeup and an aesthetic eye look, the brand’s Global Artistry Ambassador Morgane Martini’s take on this subtle glittery eye makeup on a natural-looking skin is one we can’t overlook.


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This low-key bold statement worn by Lila Moss was created with a liquid shadow instead of a palette for the strong pigmentation. In fact, even though it looks like a simple swipe of metallic copper eye shadow on the lid, Morgane actually used three different Marc Jacobs Beauty See-quins Glam Glitter Liquid Eye Shadow!

To mimic this look, start off by prepping your skin with moisturiser and primer. If you have little to no blemishes to hide, skip the foundation and concealer! Otherwise, use a concealer and gently cover the blemishes. Remember, less is more!

Next, draw the outline of the shape with the liquid eye shadow in shade Copperazzi. Instead of following your crease line, lower the outline just below the crease line so that you have enough space for the eyeliner and glitters at the top. To achieve the perfectly-drawn shape, use a concealer to erase any mistakes around the crease. Add a touch of the liquid eye shadow in Gleam Girl shade in the middle of your lids for a popping effect.

For a precise and sleek eyeliner look, use Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliner in Blacquer to draw a thin winged liner over the lashes. Then, follow the shape of the eye shadow you’ve created and outline the highest corner with the eyeliner, leaving a small gap at the inner corner of your eyes.

Finally, lightly sweep some liquid eye shadow in Moonstoned shade above the eyeshadow for an extra shimmery effect.

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