FEMALE Beauty Faves: A Fireworks-Inspired Dior Holiday Look To Ring In The New Year

Welcome 2020 and put on a show… with your makeup!

To celebrate this most wonderful time of the year, here’s an evening look that’ll stand out from the crowd at any party: a vibrant, dazzling eyeshadow look with Dior’s “Happy 2020” collection, a makeup collection literally inspired by the sparkling magic of fireworks. 

For this look, Creative And Image Director for Dior Makeup Peter Philips uses the new 5 Couleurs Happy 2020 ‘Party In Colours’ palette from the collection, a set of festive, vibrant shades to create a powerful look that really does look like the explosion of fireworks in the night sky.

5 Couleurs Happy 2020 in 007 Celebrate In Gold and 007 Party In Colours (Photo: Dior)

Dedicated to year-end festivities, the palette’s vibrant shades of green, pink, purple, gold and sparkling silver shimmer is a punch of colour that perfectly encapsulates the celebratory spirit of this festive time. And it’s not just the colours: the imprinted design on the eyeshadow pans recreates the magical effects of fireworks bursting with the Happy 2020 motif.

To translate this stunning palette onto your lids, Peter first applies three colours of his choice  in a horizontal sections across the upper eyelid to create a sort of wing. Bring the colour on the outermost corner of your lid (purple in this case) down to line your lower lashes.

Then, he uses the remaining colour, starting from the inner corner of the eye and brings it all the way up to the eyebrow, to further define the overall winged shape of this look.

TIP: To keep your lines clean and your colours un-muddy (unless you’re going for a hazy, undefined watercolour-esque look!), dip a cotton bud in micellar water and go over the edges, cleaning up any unwanted pigment. Then, apply the next shade on your clean skin.

Finally to finish off with a statement, match your lip colour to any one of the colours you used on your lid. Peter chooses the purple shade, but we think any of the colours would have looked equally as striking.

Watch the look in motion here:


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