FEMALE Beauty Faves: 7 Step In-Flight Skincare Tips For Hydrated Skin

When going on long-haul flights there are two things that usually bother us; one, uncomfortable seats (that upgrade is worth it, trust us!) and two, dehydrated skin. Although flying is convenient for the wanderers, our skin, on the other hand, begs to differ.

Due to lack of humidity in the aircraft, our skin starts to lose moisture and results in the dry, flaky and red skin. Besides the dryness, our face gets super oily upon arrival at the destination and it is not cute, let us tell you. Because our face is drying up in the air, our skin tries to compensate all the moisture loss by over-producing oil to hydrate the skin. If you’re on the same boat as us, we’ve got you covered with our beauty faves of the week – Liah Yoo’s in-flight skincare tips and quick makeup.

Step #1 – “Bring what your skin knows”

Going on flight, our liquid counts matter so instead of using random skincare that you have lying around just to fit in the liquid rules, transfer your trusty everyday skincare into in-flight-friendly containers. “Travelling itself is already very extremely stressful for your skin and body. They’re more likely to breakout due to the environmental change”, says Liah in regards to using random sample size products that you’re not 100 percent should how it’s going to work on your skin.

Step #2 – “Pre-soaked cleansing pads”

Soak a couple of cotton pads with micellar water and store inside a ziplock back. This saves a lot of luggage space and convenient to use.

Step #3 – “Use drinking water to wash”

If there is any residue left on your skin, just soak a cotton pad with the drinking water to freshen up. Don’t forget to drink loads to hydrate your body too!

Step #4 – “7 skin method or DIY skin mask”

The air inside the aircraft really sucks out the moisture from your skin. Layer up with hydrating essence to quench your skin or Liah does it by soaking cotton pads with essence and leave it on for a couple of minutes to really let your skin soak in all the goodness. Just make sure the product you use doesn’t contain drying ingredients like alcohol.

Step #5 – “Keep skincare simple, but occlusive”

To keep the moisture on your skin,  follow through with another layer of essence, followed by your serum. Liah suggests using facial oil to really keep the skin supple before moving on to hydrating moisturiser.

Step #6 – “Sleeping mask > sheet mask”

We’re sure many of us use a sheet mask in-flight but Liah prefers using an overnight sleeping mask. After 20 minutes of using sheet masks, Liah finds her skin in the dry state again – and we agree with her too! Because overnight sleeping mask works to rejuvenate and repair your skin while you sleep, it works great for in-flight masking. It’ll create a barrier for your skin keeping all the moisture in your skin and you’ll wake up with a well-hydrated skin.

Step #7 – “Lip Balm, always”

Finish off the skincare routine with a nice coat of lip balm on your lippies. If you have a multi-purpose balm use some of it under your eyes.