FEMALE Beauty Faves: 5 Things To Do For Youthful Skin

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Aging happens to everyone– even the best of us. It’s the most natural thing you can do, after all!

But as with all things, there’s always a way to age better. By taking care of your skin, you can be sure that you can age healthily and gracefully.

With this in mind, Korean beauty platform Wishtrend has listed out 5 easy things and healthy habits you can practice to keep your skin healthy and youthful for as long as possible.

1. Use sunscreen

We all know that sunscreen is a mandatory part of a skincare routine, but have you thought about what sun damage actually does? UV rays damage the elastic fibers and collagen of your skin, leading to sagging, deep wrinkles and fine lines. Prevention is better than cure in this case, because this damage isn’t easily undone. So start  You probably need more than you think– squeeze out a line of sunscreen from the tip of your finger to your second knuckle.

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