FEMALE Beauty Faves: 5 Protective Overnight Hairstyles For Manageable Hair

Waking up after a good beauty sleep and seeing a messy lion mane of a hair is not a good combo. I’ve experienced this one too many time, where my hair gets all tangled up in all shapes of origami and detangling it is…let me tell you, a pain in the buttocks!

Having long hair does require a bit more maintenance, so who better to look up to then Sarah Marie Nagel. She has the most beautiful set of hair that goes down to her waist and it always looks so well behaved. Seriously look at the image below:

Sarah not only delivers her videos in a very calming princess-like voice but she has a ton of hair care videos that she practices in her daily life.

Here she’s shared five protective sleep hairstyles we can use to protect our hair overnight. Protecting hair while we sleep can prevent breakage and split ends.

To start, always brush your hair before you go to bed.

1. Braid

Tie loose braid starting from the base of your neck. Secure the braid with a scrunchy so there won’t leave any hairband markings on your hair. This style is also great if you’re looking to wake up with nice soft waves. If you like to sleep on your back, Sarah suggests braiding your hair to the side so you’re more comfortable in that position or if you like to sleep on your sides than just braid it to the back.

Tip! Apply hair oils to let your hair soak in all the moisture overnight.

2. Twist it

Not looking to get wavy locks in the morning? Sarah recommends the twisted hairstyle. To do this, section off your into two and twist each section away from your face and twist them up together.

3. Topknot

Another easy hairdo is the quick top knot! Just bring all your hair up to the top center of your head and twist the hair around itself to create a bun. Secure the bun with a claw clip. With this hairstyle, you’re going to wake up with a bit of volume in your hair, so you can skip the hairdryer.

4. Over the pillow

The next method is to simply put your hair over the edge of your bed. This method only works if you don’t have a headboard. Although we think you can still do this if you’re sleeping on your sides, syourou hair can go over your pillow.

5. Cap it off

For a full protection, cover your hair with a satin or silk nightcap. It’s great if you’ve got a certain hairstyle that you’re keeping for a while.