FEMALE Beauty Faves: 5 Haircare Mistakes To Avoid

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Mistake 2: Applying products on the outer side of the hair only

Giving your strands a spritz of hair product on the outer side only is not going to do any good to them. Any kind of spray products such as a blow-dry primer or heat protector should be applied all around the hair instead of just the top outer layer. Lift up your hair and spray a generous amount of product on the outer and inner corners so that all your hair can reap the benefit.

If you’re using a liquid serum, pump and rub it between your palms to spread out the product. By focusing on the midsection of your hair, run your palms and fingers through all parts of your hair so that the inner and outer corners will be coated in the product as well.

For a foam product, do a rough parting and apply a generous amount along the line. It’s important to do multiple sections rather than applying a tiny pea-sized amount and hope it’ll work through your whole head. With open fingers, massage the product into your roots.

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