4 Cleanser Bars To Replace Your Liquid Facial Wash

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Just because they’re un-bottled, doesn’t mean they’re unhygienic.

How often do you pop your luggage open after travelling for hours only to find your soaps spilling all over your outfits? The amount of times I’ve experienced this is uncountable and so when cleanser bars were introduced, I decided that it was an easier (and cleaner!) way to travel without worry.

Of course, the thought of cleansing your face with a bar soap does sound very unhygienic, especially when you think about having to leave it out in the open where it could gather dirt from the surroundings. However, just because cleanser bars are uncommon compared to liquid soaps doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. Believe it or not, some bar soaps are actually made with good formulations that could rival your favourite liquid cleanser and best of all, they’re so easy to take anywhere and certainly won’t make a mess in your bag.

Looking to try out cleanser bars now? These are some of my top picks.

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