Mary Kay Timewise Activating Vitamin C Squares Is The Foolproof Way To Add Vitamin C To Your Routine | FEMALE Beauty Awards 2019

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Mary Kay Timewise Activating Vitamin C Squares

FEMALE Beauty Awards Reader’s Pick For Best Skin Booster

Keeping Vitamin C as potent as possible has always been a challenge. But Mary Kay changed the game with a beauty-industry first Activating Vitamin C Squares! With a breakthrough technology, the brand makes it possible to deliver pure Vitamin C to our skin with just a few drops of water and tiny, dissolvable squares.

What this does is supercharge any Mary Kay serums that you have to create a powerful anti-ageing elixir while giving a boost for a more radiant and even-toned complexion and helps protect the skin from harmful environmental free radicals thanks to the vitamin C’s antioxidant benefits. The best part about these powerhouse sheets is that it’s fresh for the first time, every time! Each square comes in its own packet and is only activated when mixed with water or any Mary Kay Serums. Once it’s completely dissolved, apply it to your face and neck and allow to absorb before continuing with the rest of your skincare routine.

Tip! You can also apply this on simultaneously with your serum. Place the square on your palm and add a few drops of water to dissolve it before adding a drops of serum. Mix the concoction well in your palms and then apply onto your face. Easy-peasy!

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