Treat Your Skin To The Wonders Of Silk With CS12 Miracle Moisturising Sheet Mask | FEMALE Beauty Awards 2019

The wonders of silk.

CS12 Miracle Moisturizing Sheet Mask

FEMALE Beauty Awards Judges’ Pick For Best Hydrating Mask

Many of us with sensitive skin aren’t strangers to inflammation, sunburns  and dehydration. Thankfully the CS12™ Miracle Mask does wonders to combat these dreadful issues with its high-quality 384-grade Japanese silk facial cloth!

Using a high volume of serum essence containing anti-inflammatory properties, the mask helps soothe and moisturise skin that’s dehydrated or sunburnt. Plus, active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Alps spring water and lactic acid aids in regenerating new skin cells, removing dead skin cells, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, preventing UV damage and brightening your complexion.

Every box comes with seven thoroughly soaked sheets and contains three textile layers each so that its serum is locked into the mask for optimum results. Simply remove and unfold the outer layers and apply the silk sheet over your face.

Tip! If you’ve got extra serum in the packet, don’t waste it! Top it up on your sheet mask or lather onto your neck, hands, elbows and knees!

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