The RM78 Liquid Foundation That Feels Like Nothing On Your Skin

KATE Secret Skin Maker Zero

FEMALE Beauty Awards Judges’ Choice For Best Liquid Foundation


A good skin foundation is like a best friend; it should give you support and boost your confidence by giving you a near-perfect complexion. Who doesn’t want that, right? Finding the perfect foundation itself can be quite a challenge. You’ve got to get the colour, texture and longevity of wear just right cos you’re going to wear it all day long (and on your face, no less!).

Lucky for us, this liquid foundation ticks all the right boxes and goes a step further – it actually feels like you’re not wearing anything at all! Its Skin Fit Polymer provides high coverage concealing but with a weightless, natural feel. That means you can totally rock the no-makeup look convincingly!

TIP! When applying foundation, don’t neglect your eyelids and under-eye area, as this will help conceal redness, making you look more awake and fresher.

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