Get Better Skin Just By Sleeping With This Extra Skincare Step

That’s right, make every night a night for beauty sleep with these sleeping masks from Laneige!

Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask

FEMALE Beauty Awards Judges’ & Readers’ Choice For Best Anti-Ageing Night Moisturiser/Mask

Ever wonder why your skin isn’t what you want it to be despite being overly disciplined with your skincare? Well, your late-night binge-watching TV shows, partying or burning the midnight oil at the office might be the culprit. Having enough sleep is crucial to skin’s health and a clinical research by Laneige shows that one day with reduced snoozing time can already put you at risk for dark circles and accelerated skin ageing.

However, don’t let that fact mess with your social life; this night mask is just what you need to help you maintain gorgeous skin. Made with the Dynamic Collagen_EX™ that addresses signs of ageing, and the Sleep-Tight™ technology which firms the skin up for long hours, your skin’s elasticity will be enhanced while you sleep, giving you that facelift effect you desire.

TIP! Use the Time Freeze Face Fit Roller (sold separately) to massage the face and stimulate blood circulation for five minutes before applying the sleeping mask to maximise results!


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Judges’ & Readers’ Choice For Best Hydrating Night Moisturiser/Mask

If we could sleep our way to better looking skin, we’d do it in a heartbeat. And guess what? This nourishing sleeping mask gets you pretty close.

This international best-seller is truly a treat for your skin, purifying your complexion with its Sleep-ToxTM technology while retaining moisture throughout the night. Scoop a 50-sen coin-sized amount of this gel-textured mask and spread it all over your face before you sleep. We guarantee you’ll love its cooling effect and the subtle aromatic SleepscentTM, specially developed by South Korean skincare giant AmorePacific, to allow the skin to relax and boost its regenerating abilities. As you wash it off in the morning, you’ll find skin so smooth, you won’t want to stop touching it!

TIP! Dot your nose, forehead, chin, cheeks and neck with the mask before spreading it outwards evenly all over the face.

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