Our Editor’s Top 5 Travel Essentials

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Living out of a suitcase isn’t as easy as it looks, but Editor Yang Mei Ling aims to make packing beauty stuff breezier for you with a few pointers.

Believe it or not – toiletries are the first thing I pack every time I have a trip coming up! While most people would pack them last, I beg to differ cos I believe that one destination calls for different makeup looks and skincare must-haves from the next. Going through the winners of this year’s FEMALE Beauty Awards, I narrowed down my picks to five and let you in on why I picked them!


Not only does this face mist help to prep my skin before makeup and set it after, it also keeps my skin well hydrated on a long-haul flight and my complexion looking fresh 24/7. Plus, the light and beautiful scent of roses relaxes me instantly and makes me want to spritz on more!

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