This Brow Mascara Is The Easiest Way To Get K-Beauty Brows That Wow

Chosungah22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker

FEMALE Beauty Awards Judges’ Choice For Best Eyebrow Mascara


Great-looking brows can really make or break your look. Draw them on too thin and you can end up looking like a ‘90s throwback. Draw them too thick and they end up making you look perpetually angry, which isn’t what you want!

There’s a fine line in getting the perfect set of brows and all it takes is the right tool and a steady drawing hand. After trying several brow mascaras, we find that this one does just what you need it to do. Formulated with phyto keratin and henna, it nourishes and protects the brows while providing colour. Its ergonomically designed, two-in-one applicator helps you shape up and define brows with ease and without any mess that usually comes with a gel product.

TIP! Simply swipe the brush onto your brows following the direction of hair growth to lock hairs into place. Once applied, the waterproof formula will set – none of those nasty smudges, yay!

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