Fake A Good Night Sleep With These 6 Amazing Eye Masks

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We’re always told to get a full 8-hour sleep every night, but how feasible is that?

Every night you sleep a little less than your body needs, your skin shows obvious signs with dark eye circles, puffy eyes or worse, eye bags and fine lines. You may think it’s easy to cover them with concealer but trust us, there’s only so much makeup can hide.

The skin around our eye area is extremely fragile, which is why it’s often the first place to show signs of a lack of rest. It becomes dry, puffy, congested and can make you look older than your actual age. This is why we need to pay extra attention to our eye area. If you’re already investing in a good eye cream, you may think you’re already taking good care of your eye area. While eye cream is essential to protect, support and repair the skin, it needs a little booster once in a while for better effects.


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Enter: eye masks. Packed with lots of nutrients to deliver a concentrated surge of hydration and other benefits in a short span of time, an eye mask is a quick fix to give your undereye area a quick boost of life. Whether you’re trying to write off the tiredness or reduce the puffiness, these eye masks are a quick SOS your skin will thank you for.

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