Even Better City Block Anti Pollution SPF 40/PA+++

Powered by an invisible pollution filter, apply this as the last step of your facial skin care regimen and before putting on makeup to protect your skin from the haze and other harmful pollutants!


Clinique Even Better City Block Anti Pollution SPF 40/PA+++, RM140

It really does make you and your skin even better! And we’ve got three reasons for saying so. First, and foremost, itsanti-pollution technology, which especially makes the perfect skin weapon in these hazy times. It can protect skin from Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) and though those harmful particles are usually not small enough to penetrate skin at its normal state, it’s a different matter – no pun intended – when you have open pores or a broken skin barrier.

Two, it provides a multi-layer protection to help prevent damage caused by harsh environmental conditions that can lead to unwanted hyperpigmentation, which means, “Hello, uneven skin tone and dark spots.” Thankfully, if your skin has already welcomed those nasty skin horrors, you’ll be glad to know Reason No. 3: whitening complex. The line’s signature whitening technology not only reduces the appearance of skin discolouration, it also prevents excessive production of melanin (the culprit for hyperpigmentation) and help speed up the skin’s renewal process!

You know what they say, “Prevention is better than cure.”