Ecru New York’s Lisa Lobosco On The Business Of Good Hair

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F: What is your personal good luck charm in nailing the most challenging hairstyling sessions?

L: “Whenever I go for shoots, I’d always bring my bag of tricks. It has items like a sewing kit, tape and wire – basically everything I could possibly need for any scenario. Prepare for anything that might come.”

F: Which haircare myth do you find difficult to get out off your system?

L: “One of the most common ones is the belief that cutting your hair makes it grow. In reality, hair grows from the scalp and not from your ends! So keeping your hair and scalp healthy is what promotes growth. Say you have split ends, you might have trouble seeing this – so have ’em trimmed.”

F: Name the first celebrity on your mind that you’d love to put your magical touches to!

L: “Anyone that’s looked up to as a hair trendsetter, like Jennifer Aniston. Her haircuts are iconic and she’s fab for being open to change and style evolution. Such creative freedom would be so fun!”

Lisa backstage during Fall/Winter 2019’s New York Fashion Week

F: What would be some of the latest hair trends that you think would grow stronger as we tread through 2020?

L: “Haircut with actual shapes are making a resurgence! For the past 10 years or so, it’s always about long, shapeless looks. Now, we see more strong fringes and geometric hair shapes. This cool trend simply opens the creative door for stylists. They can better accentuate a client’s best features with a unique new cut.”

F: Do you have a message to aspiring stylists who’d like to make it big in the industry?

L: “Education is key. From basic to advanced training, continue to expose yourself to new techniques, trends and different aspects of the industry. This will open up many more doors. Remember, don’t limit yourselves— the possibilities are endless.”

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