Ecru New York’s Lisa Lobosco On The Business Of Good Hair

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Hair her out!

Trendsetter and style enthusiast, Lisa Lobosco has been a hairdresser for over 35 years. Needless to say, she knows the industry through and through! A part of the Ecru New York team for 17 years now, she has done just about eveything from managing salons, touring with the artistic team to acing the NYFW stage! As Creative Director, she continues to venture the wonderful world of hair through collaborations, product formulations and training.

A little while back, the brand was officially launched in Malaysia through a partnership with Shins. The exciting occasion gave way for us to catch up with her.

FEMALE: Is your hair routine simple or extensive?

Lisa: “It really depends on the day but when I shampoo, it usually takes about 20 minutes to wash and style afterwards. Of course, having the right products make all the difference!”

F: For those who have yet to try the Ecru New York experience, what do all of the products have in common?

L: “The brand is clean, fresh, modern and classic – all for beautiful hair. Each product is of high quality, skincare-grade ingredients and designed to treat and perform; meaning that you can achieve the result you’re after without compromising on the natural condition of the hair.”

Shop Lisa’s recs for first-timers: Ecru New York’s Sea Clean Shampoo, Curl Perfect Hydrating Shampoo and Anti-Frizz Conditioner here.

F: As someone who’s always travelling for work, how do you keep your hair game strong while jetsetting?

L: “Personally, travel time equals ‘me time’. It’s necessary to pamper myself through it all with face and hair masks, as flying tends to dry out skin and hair. Depending on your traveling location, the surrounding air might be different that what you’re used to. This could affect your hair condition and styling. I make sure I have my Ecru New York in travel size products especially the Dry Texture Spray and Styling Balm. I trust these two to prep me against any situation that could potentially affect my hair!”

A shot taken from Lisa’s photoshoot in Taormina

F: Setting the bar high for NYFW must’ve been a tiring process for your ‘creative cells’! Where do you go for new hairstyle inspo?

L: “I find that a lot of my inspiration comes from outside the hairdressing industry – be it what’s happening in fashion, art or even architecture. Sometimes, it simply takes a change of environment. Ecru New York’s Global Director of Education, Amanda Jenkins and I travelled to Italy once. We’re inspired during our stay in Taormina. The countryside and hotel style were so beautiful that it gave way to an impromptu photoshoot! I find that spontaneity sparks some of the greatest works.”

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