Easy Way To Achieve The Vermillion Border For A Youthful Pout | #FEMALEEXPRESSBEAUTY

Enhance your perfect smile with this little trick under our sleeves. We know lip liners are a great extra step to for a long-lasting lipstick but it can also be used to make your Cupid’s bow pop. Creating a light border around on the lip line will create an effect called the vermillion border.

The ‘white’ line above your lip line is sought after as it creates a more youthful look to your complexion. Some people opt for lip plumpers or lip fillers to get that effect but we’ve got a less painful alternative that you can do at home for a plumper and more defined pout.

How To –

Step 1: Use a nude lip liner and slightly overdraw your lip line.

Step 2: Using a beauty blender, buff it out to get rid of any harsh lines.

Step 3: To help accentuate the overdrawn line, use a lipstick brush to apply your colour of choice. This will ensure you get a clean and precise application.