Don’t Dry Your Face With A Towel, According To Beauty Experts

Photography: Shutterstock

The most obvious way to dry your face is by using your towel but according to beauty experts like Michelle Phan and Tina Cho from Klog, you’ve got to skip the towel.

According to Tina Cho, it’s always good to change the towels regularly but often times the towels are dirty and they contain acne-causing bacteria. Many South Korean women avoid wiping their face with a towel after a facial cleanser, instead, they follow through with a three-second moisturising rule.

The reason why we should just skip the towel is that our skin absorbs moisture better when it’s damp – like a sponge! It will boost the efficiency of any products we use after cleansing.

Besides that Michelle Phan pointed out that using a towel is a no-no when doing your skincare routine as it tugs the skin which will result in increased in wrinkles and skin sagging. Plus you’re also stripping away your skin’s moisture.

Even if towels are not in the picture, how you remove the excess water with your hands are also important, as Tina mentioned in the article. To avoid pulling the skin, remember to place your hands around your cheeks and gently move from jawline to ear to remove excess water. If water is dripping down your neck, gently use an upward motion.

Then you can proceed with your skincare products!

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