FEMALE Beauty Faves: 3 K-pop Idol Hair Styles For Summer

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Whether it’s their fashion or beauty looks, Korean idols never fail to capture our hearts with their youthful and feminine styles!

Look beyond their makeup and outfits and you’ll notice that the hairstyles they wear also play a big role in setting their overall look. While they often have professional stylists creating those stunning hair-dos, you can also achieve such hairstyles easily on your own.

With just a flat iron and your fingers, Korean Youtuber Do Yeong shows us how to create three hairstyles frequently used by Korean idols.

Style 1: Wavy Curls

Many Korean idols are often spotted with stunning subtle curls and the trick to achieving such waves are actually not by curling your hair! With a flat iron, Do Yeong grabs a section of her hair and twist the iron in and out as she moves from the top to the bottom of her hair instead of twirling it around the iron to create a flat wave-look. While the hair still has some heat, she brushes it to loosen the wave slightly so that it looks more natural. For her short bangs, Do Yeong divides them into four parts and curls inwards at the top to create more volume near the roots. She shares that the trick to creating Korean-style bangs is to curl them in the direction the hair is growing and creating an S-shape curl.

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