5 Translucent Powders To Bake Your Skin To Perfection

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You’ve mastered the skill of contouring your face, making your highlighter pop and giving your face structure more depth with bronzing, but what about baking? The term, first used in the drag community years ago, actually has nothing to do with using an oven or baking any eatables. Instead, it refers to a makeup technique that helps you achieve a creaseless and flawless finish.

Photo: Freshh Connection on Unsplash

It first rose to popularity on social media after Kim Kardashian revealed that her makeup artist, Mario Dedicanovic used this technique to make her skin look like an post-Photoshop masterpiece. And the best part? It’s relatively easy!

The technique is simply applying translucent powder on your face with a damp makeup sponge and letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes while the heat from your face “bakes” it to set your foundation and concealer beneath. Then, dust off the powder with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and you’ll be blessed with the smooth-looking skin of your dreams.

While baking is not recommended for an everyday look, especially if you’re after more natural-looking makeup, it’s a great technique for a dramatic and long-lasting matte finish. Since we’re fast approaching the end of the year, there’s no better time to give this makeup technique a try than the upcoming party season. Bag these translucent powders the next time you’re shopping at Sephora!

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