Dior Brings JOY With New Perfume And Jennifer Lawrence As The Face

After 20 years since they’ve launched a major women’s perfume, Dior is bringing JOY to the world with a new perfume and Jennifer Lawrence as the face. They’ve kept themselves busy concocting a new Dior original scent called JOY. It is a scent that ‘conform to the Dior ideal, which sees happiness take the shape of essential, visionary luxury.’ as the brand mentioned in the press release.

“Bringing a new Dior perfume to life is an event,” says François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator.

“I was fortunate to know its name from the beginning. And what a name! Short, and lively yet not affected, it is open to all possibilities. To tell its story, I chose to create an enveloping scent, marked by softness as well as by energy. JOY by Dior is a breath of air, a path one travels, which carries you away.”

So how does one put an intangible feeling in a bottle?

According to Dior, ‘one cannot say whether it is fresh, heady, floral or milky’ but there is a sense of light and liveliness to the fragrance.

The top notes have a vibrant scent of flowers from rose and jasmine, while a burst of citrus fruits like Bergamot and Mandarin adds a zesty touch. Then the mid notes come in, giving you a warm and creamy Sandalwood with a hint of Cedar and Patchouli to caress you. Lastly, the base notes brings a light musky and powdery scent creating a soft sensual signature for the fragrance.

Joy by Dior 30ml (RM292), 50ml (RM415) & 100ml (RM589) 

“JOY by Dior expresses the remarkable feeling of joy by providing an olfactive interpretation of light. What I mean by that, is that this perfume resembles certain pointillist paintings that are rich with a precise, yet not too obvious, technique. Each of us perceives light, without thinking about it, in our own way.”

“This perfume is constructed in a similar manner thanks to multiple nuances and myriad facets, which lead to a crystal-clear fragrance expression. It required a lot of time, development and abstraction, but in the end, it has an immediate and lively presence,” saidFrançois.

The bottle is also something to take note of as this already iconic perfume gets a modern design. ‘Simple and luminous, its femininity shines through in the brilliant silver and radiant pink of this instantly attractive juice.’ The lid is wrapped with a silver thread like a delicate jewelry.

Of course, Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning in the campaign! They’ve definitely picked the right leading lady to front this campaign as she embodies the scent as she’s authentically herself with her colourful personality and sensual feminity. Watch her in the campaign film below directed by Francis Lawrence.

All Photography: Dior

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