Create New Memories with These 6 Fragrances

The heavenly scent of…


With some memories, you may realise that the thought of it has been triggered by a particular scent. For some, it could be their mum’s favourite perfume while they were growing up, or even something simple such as those scented erasers back in the nineties. Whatever it may be, you can’t deny that our mind works in mysterious ways. Since we’ve just kick started the month of February, why not create new memories with these newly released fragrances in the market?


Chance by Chanel Eau de Toilette


With its circular shape that resembles the wheel of fortune, Chanel’s Chance is all about increasing your luck! As Chanel’s lucky fragrance, it stood out from the rest with its notes of pink pepper, amber, patchouli, and lemon.


The Girl by Tommy Hilfiger


Based on Tommy Hilfiger’s current IT girl Gigi Hadid, The Girl is fragrance that simply resembles her. This super fresh scent deliver notes that simply brings you back to the seaside with hints of pear, violet leaf, fig leaf and even a whiff of jasmine.


Diptyque Eau Dominotee


Go on full floral with Diptyque’s Eau Dominotee! Though it’s only a mixture of rose as well as parma violet, you won’t be limited to spritzing it on yourself. Such as a few other Diptyque fragrances, it’s perfect to be used at home as well as your clothes!


Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume


The Malaysian designer drew inspiration from a combination of scents which include the hibiscus, bergamot, peony and nectarine. It’s a type of scent that will reawaken the sensual lady inside all of us!


Kenzo Flower by Kenzo Eau de Lumiere


Kenzo Flower is a remake of its well known fragrance back in 2000. It sashays in a variety bouquet of scent such as rose, bergamot, jasmine and white musk. Need to repurchase your Kenzo perfume? Now’s the time!


Marc Jacob Decadence


Decadence comes in a miniature form of Marc Jacob’s signature handbags. It’s equally as sensual as Jimmy Choo’s perfume but with its own blend of elements such as Bulgarian rose, Italian plum and liquid amber.


By Nadrah Ahmad Kamal

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