Consider Your Raya Nails Sorted!

The Nail Parlour’s Raya Rose Experience was happiness for my nails.

Having your nails match your Raya garment would be darling – that’s what I thought! I’m usually not one to go for a mani-pedi just before Raya cos a) I’m clumsy, so they might not stay in perfect shape for a very long time and b) Say they do last as long, I’d have to remove them anyway for prayers.

The Nail Parlour’s Raya-special halal manicure & pedicure (or the Raya Rose experience) changed it for me. It was two weeks ago when I came to their outlet for a treatment preview and as I’m typing this, my nails are still as shiny!

Without dilly-dallying, are reasons why you should consider the pre-Raya treatment:

1. They use breathable nail products

Non-breathable nail polishes don’t allow air or water to seep through, which is a bummer if you’re attending/performing Muslim prayers. Halal (or breathable) nail polishes do, so they won’t get in the way. Choose your desired colour from the available range of certified halal Orly nail polishes when you visit! (If you’re still on the edge, The Nail Parlour went a step further and uses halal water-based polish and cuticle removers too, just so you know.)


2. My hands and legs felt super soft afterwards

The Nail Parlour exfoliated my skin with a vitamin C-rich scrub infused with rose oil and shea butter extracts. The slather is mixed with pure honey too, so my skin didn’t dry out even after the treatment! This was followed by a luxe massage, using a lotion with aloe vera milk and shea butter.


3. The prices, for obvious reasons

Come visit and have a manicure for RM65 or RM85 (with mask) and pedicure for RM75 or RM95 (with mask)! The Raya Rose treatment is available only ’til 30th June.


Nail your OOTD this Raya (like Nadiyah did)! BRB, I’m scheduling another sesh for me soon.

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