Colourpop Was The Most Visited Beauty Site Last Month

With the advent of the Internet, our beauty shopping habits have changed drastically. Now you don ‘t even have to walk into a store to make a purchase– in fact, you may not even need to get out of bed.

If you’ve done your fair share of scoping out your next beauty buy online, you’re in good company. Very big company, in fact!

Web traffic analysis site SimilarWeb has published their round up of last month’s highest traffic beauty sites in the U.S and the top prize went to… ColourPop Cosmetics!

That’s right, everyone’s favourite, fun makeup brand really is as popular as it seems, with over 2 million site visits in just one month. Next was Jeffree Star Cosmetics, followed by Avon.

Here’s the full list of the top 10 most visited websites, courtesy of Allure.

  1., 2.09 million site visits
  2., 2.06 million
  3., 1.82 million
  4., 1.23 million.
  5., 1.16 million
  6., 1.11 million
  7., 1.05 million
  8., 1.01 million
  9., 1 million
  10., 991,000.

Granted, these numbers are limited to the US and only measure the visits that took place in April 2019, but it’s a good snapshot of what’s really commanding attention in the beauty sphere!

A good example is how data like this depicts the changing face of beauty online.  While most beauty fans visit their fave sites directly, “search is the biggest source of traffic to the category,” SimilarWeb said in their report, accounting for almost 35% of traffic. Furthermore, each brand differs slightly in how they reach customers.

According to Similar Web, “Jeffree Star and ColourPop both get the majority of social traffic via Youtube, while Glossier and Younique get the majority of theirs from Facebook.” Interestingly, Reddit has replaced Pinterest in the top-five list of social traffic drivers for the beauty category.

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