Christinna Kuan’s Simple Skincare Routine For The Jet-Setting Life


Christinna Kuan, 21

Fashion Influencer/Entrepreneur

The 21-year-old may say she’s a simple girl but her killer OOTDs is serving us fashion inspo like no other! Aside from managing her 173k followers Instagram account under the name Ms Kuan and constantly jet-setting off from Chine to Tokyo and Venice to Paris (can you bring us with you?), Christinna also manages her own clothing line and is currently in talks to open up a physical store in Penang. We got up close with the Penangite to talk all thing beauty.

1. You often travel a lot, how do you prep your skin in-flight?

Christinna Kuan: I usually bring along masks, moisturiser, primers for lip and face, lotion and hand cream, to keep myself well moisturised in-flight cos you know how drying it can be.

2. On a daily basis, what’s your skincare regime?

CK: My skincare routine is quite different from most people because I don’t apply moisturiser. After cleansing, I would just layer on a toner and apply a mask – which I do twice a week.

3. Do you change up your skincare routine based on the country you go to, taking weather into consideration?

CK: Yes I do! In a hot and humid climate I would follow through with my daily skincare routine but if it’s very cold, I will add in moisturiser in the step and this may seem excessive but I apply mask every single day *haha*, just to keep my skin hydrated.

4. Could you share with us your beauty secret?

CK: If it’s just a simple outing, I would apply sunblock and I will try to avoid the sun *she giggles*. I would also bring along my face mist. I’m currently in love with the Shu Uemura face mist.


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5. What’s your go-to everyday makeup look?

CK: Don’t judge me but I actually started learning how to properly apply makeup last year via one of my favourite makeup artists here in KL. Prior to this, my makeup routine extends from applying sunblock to a bit of blush and filling in my eyebrows. Lately, I like to wear a peachy lip colour and occasionally some peachy eyeshadow. I love the natural look but with just a touch of enhancement, nothing crazy.

6. You take a lot of killer OOTDs, how do make sure your makeup is also on-point?

CK: To be honest, I put on a lot of makeup for my OOTDs. I find that my face really pops up more in pictures with thick makeup as compared to my everyday makeup look. I would apply mascara, heavy eyeshadow, and bold lips. Also, natural lighting is key! I usually take my pictures directly facing the sun for the best result. Hence, why the sunscreen is my holy grail!

7. Share with us your five beauty must-haves in your bag.

CK: Lip balm – I usually have two lip balms with me – a clear and tinted one – to keep my lips moisturised throughout the day.

Face mist – Because I often travel to places where the temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius and I can’t put my mask out and about, I’ll turn to face mist to keep my skin hydrated. Also, it sets my makeup!

Hand lotion – Many people forget about this step but it’s important to keep our hands moisturised for that smooth touch *wink.

Concealer – I find that when I wear concealer under my eyes, my mascara doesn’t smudge as bad. It keeps my face panda-eyes free. If I need to I’ll lightly pat on some powder to create a barrier between my lashes and skin.

Lipstick – If I need to change up my makeup look, a swipe of red lipstick will do the trick!


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