CHANEL’s New Additions To The LE BLANC Line Are The Key To Brighter Skin

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Along with its classic Hydra Beauty line that boasts hydrating elements, CHANEL’s LE BLANC brightening skincare is undoubtedly one of the most popular ranges from the brand, especially in Asia.

As the French brand harnessed the revitalizing and whitening powers of ume (plum) flower extract into LE BLANC products to boost skin radiance and clarity back in 2017, it’s no wonder why the skincare line became ubiquitous with “skin brightening” over the years. Through further research, the brand discovered a richly nourishing ingredient known as the ume flower oil that steeps skin in comfort, strength and vibrancy, and now they’ve incorporated it into two new products to help infuse the skin with incredible luminosity!

1. LE BLANC Essense Lotion Healthy Light Creator

LE BLANC Essence Lotion, RM254, CHANEL

The iridescent milky formula of LE BLANC Essense Lotion delivers an intense sensation of fresh moisture and sweeps over the skin like a watery wave, thanks to the new Phase Inversion Temperature (PIT) technology. Used for the first time at CHANEL, this new technology not only provides an exceptional sensoriality but also supports a better efficacy. By combining two powerful ingredients — ume flower extract and vitamin C derivative, the antioxidant properties from the extract help to increase radiance in dull and yellow-toned skin while the vitamin C reinforces the brightening action.

Apart from those star ingredients, the product is also enriched with ume flower oil to restore skin lipids and form an imperceptible veil over them to lock in moisture. This essence lotion is undoubtedly a stellar option for those who are looking for a hydrating and brightening solution for the skin!

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